Kelala Debut And Her Complicated Relationship With The Fashion Industry

Kelala has recently made her debut in a mix tape called 2013’s Cut 4 Me. At the time of its release, it sounded very revelatory. It looks like her crystal clear vocals, sharp club beats, and breathy voice are going to create an entire new field for alternative R&B. This kind of music can certainly bridge the gap between the obsessive divas of the 90s and the club kids of today.

From the day of her album release called Take Me Apart, she has been spotted as a reluctant fashion fixture at various occasions like the Calvin Klein Show by Raf Simon and then walking the ramp at Eckhaus Latta.

Kelala seems to have a complicated relationship with the fashion industry and it looks like she is going to dissect the same emotions and sentiments into it just as her personal themes in her excellent debut.

She said that her album includes songs that narrate her experiences in relationships. The song Waitin is about a difficult encounter she had with an ex and the song Blue Light is about getting her guard down with a new person. She said that her songs give her strength to overcome and surpass the complications and struggles that she is going on in life at the moment. The sound of the album has received collaboration and guidance from Arca, Total freedom, Jam city and Bok Bok.

As far as her wardrobe is concerned, Kelala has a whole new set of ornate plans. Her everyday style is going to comprise of comfy clothes that are going to make her feel as elegant as she desires. Her stage look is going to consist of custom outfits in white color and will be experimented with various silhouettes, shapes and other surprises. For example, she wants to wear dresses that are made from nylon windbreaker and are stuffed with things.


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